Save Money on Sewer Pipe Repair

The $100 Solution That Can Save THOUSANDS on Sewer Pipe Repair

Sewer pipe repair and replacement can cost thousands of dollars, however, there is a solution for less than $100.

Nobody likes to deal with plumbing problems in their homes and they shouldn’t have to as long as they take good care of their drains and pipes. Many people seem to think that the occasional clogged drain and backed up pipe is inevitable for any homeowner, but the vast majority of plumbing problems that do arise can be avoided with preventative plumbing maintenance.

Far too many people seem to believe that just about anything can go down a drain. They treat their toilets like wastebaskets, they use their sinks as garbage disposals and they use floor drains as a convenient way to get rid of solid trash on the floor. These are all points of entry for drain systems that are far more fragile than many people realize. They contain traps that are intended only for specific materials. When the wrong materials are flushed down toilets or rinsed down drains, it can create serious clogs and overflows. This is especially troublesome for older sewer systems that have seem some wear and tear. When they overflow, they can expose families to unsanitary conditions that could affect their health.

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Preventative Maintenance

As we said before, most of the hassles associated with home plumbing problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance. This goes beyond simply unclogging a drain as it backs up; preventative maintenance means periodically monitoring a home’s pipes for

potential issues. Even if you are very careful about what you flush or pour down your drain, an experienced plumber could find something wrong in your plumbing. Aside from the wrong things getting occasionally flushed, tree roots could get into your plumbing from outside the home, calcium build-up can slow water flow and old pipes can become corroded. A regular yearly drain cleaning can identify these problems before they get out of hand and ultimately save you thousands of dollars in sewer pipe repair and replacement.

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What You Can Do

Of course, there is plenty that you can do yourself to take care of your home’s pipes. First of all, know what can and cannot go into the entry points of a sewer system. Only use your toilet to flush toilet paper and human waste, never pour grease down your kitchen sink and sweep up solid trash before it goes down a floor drain. Second of all, pay close attention to all of your pipes, especially if you live in an older home. Old plumbing can be especially problematic, and it is more likely to overflow and expose your family to germs that you thought were flushed away. Finally, know about the best plumbers in your area. You will never know when you will need one to take care of a plumbing emergency.

Taking care of plumbing problems before they arise is really all about diligence. It doesn’t take that much extra work on your part, but by simply being careful what goes down your drains, watching for potential problems and calling a plumber to look over your pipes every so often, your home’s plumbing could last far longer than you thought possible. Wouldn’t you like to save money instead of paying THOUSANDS in sewer repair and replacement?

By Nick Wert

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Logan Schoenbaechler

We live in a tri-level home and we were having a sewer back-up issue in our basement shower. Called Nick first thing in the morning and he had a technician out the same day. Technician was very helpful and efficient. Would recommend them for any sewers issues you may have. Pricing is also great and I will continue to do annual clean-outs with them.

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i didn’t use them bc i needed a service (grease trap cleaning) they don’t provide but Nicknwas SUPER nice and helpful and referred me to a couple other companies. Thanks Nick!

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After a frustrating first call/service with Simply Sewer, Nick, the owner came out and made things right – I appreciated his integrity and commitment to making things right. He was also respectful and kind to his employee, which I always appreciate seeing in a boss. Would recommend.

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