How Much Does a Sewer Replacement Cost?

All you need to know about Sewer Line Replacement Cost Estimate

Your home’s sewer system isn’t something you’d normally brag about. But it’s a vital part of your home that enhances its overall value. But you need to keep it properly maintained.

If you’ve ever had plumbing issues, then you know how costly repairs can be. But sewer replacement can be one of the biggest expenses related to your home.

Knowing how to assess the integrity of your sewer can help you avoid the cost of replacing it. The following will help you determine how much a replacement may cost as well as what to consider when deciding on the right solution for your home.

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Can Sewer Camera Scopes Find the Real Problem?

Making sure you know exactly what’s wrong in the first place can help you avoid the cost of replacing your sewer. One of the ways that many homeowners determine their problem is by having a professional perform a sewer scope.

Scoping works by sending a sewer camera into sewer pipes to determine if there are any red flags that indicate more serious problems. The following are a few signs of a compromised sewer system:

  • Structural defects

  • Roots from nearby trees

  • Cracks or other damage

But scoping sewers has become a way for many plumbing repair companies to take advantage of unknowing homeowners. So you want to make sure that the assessment is accurate and clearly outline what’s really going on in your sewer before paying large amounts of money for unnecessary work.

What Other Things Do I Need to Consider?

The cost of a sewer replacement goes beyond the inspection. You’ll also need to consider what permits will be required by your city. This adds to the overall cost of the repair, but it can keep you in line with local regulations and codes.

In some cases, the area that will be repaired may fall within the property of the city. This would result in the city’s obligation to covering the cost for the repair.

So it’s worth it to consult with a professional service company to ensure that you have all the permits in place if necessary.

What Does a Sewer Replacement Cost?

The cost of your sewer repair will vary depending on the extent of the damage as well as the company you work with. On average, you can expect to spend about $4,000 to repair your sewer. However, some jobs may reach up to $12,000.

You might be wondering why a sewer repair can be so costly. Consider that the sewer main sits underneath the ground. This could require you to make your way through a driveway, patio, or front lawn.

Also, replacing the pipe itself will take up a major portion of the cost. If you’re facing overgrown roots that are affecting your sewer main, then you’ll need to consider the cost for removal of those as well.

Finally, in order to return your property to its original condition, you’ll have to reconstruct and replace many parts around your home that were removed during the repair. Knowing where your sewer main is located will help you determine what costs you may be facing.

A broken sewer main can lead to more serious and costly issues. Addressing it early on is your best preventive measure and can save you money in the long run.

To minimize the costs, have one of our plumbers evaluate your plumbing in order to avoid unnecessary repairs. A simple drain cleaning may be all you need for a fully functional sewer for your home.

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