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    Denver Sewer Repair And Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

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    Denver Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

    As a fully licensed and insured company we are able to replace sewer and water lines right the first time. Doing the job correctly from the start can save not only time and money but can help you avoid the frustration of extended job completion times and additional charges. We can use trench-less sewer and water line replacement in most cases. We also help with financing and offer very competitive pricing.

    Services We Offer

    Drain Cleaning

    Get quality drain cleaning by professional drain and sewer contractors who know how to unclog a drain without damaging your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

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    Sewer Line Repair

    Due to the age of the clay pipe sewer systems, a large amount of the main sewer lines that we inspect in the Denver area have issues that require urgent attention.

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    Pipe And Sewer Replacement

    We can use trenchless sewer and water line replacement in most cases. We also help with financing and offer very competitive pricing.

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    Water Heater Replacement

    Water heater repairs, 24 hour emergency service, and water heater installation in Littleton and throughout Denver from licensed plumbers.

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    Plumbing Repairs

    Get fast response times, same-day service, as well as 24-hour emergency plumbing repairs to homeowners impacted by plumbing issues in Littleton, CO and the Denver Metro Area.

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    Sewer Camera Inspection

    A sewer camera inspection is a quick and effective process that can save you from stress, your property from serious damage and your wallet from the financial impact.

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    Denver Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

    While clogged drains, broken sprinklers, and leaky hoses are all common issues that we tackle in our households, the performance and condition of our home’s main sewer line are often out of sight and out of mind. However, what may start as a simple crack or leak in your sewage pipes may lead to more severe damages and cost you extra in the long run. Look out for these following signs to call in professionals like the Simply Sewers experts:

    1. Foul odors

    Notice any foul odors resembling rotting eggs or sewage? One of the first and most common indications that you need to call in a professional to inspect your main sewer line is a foul odor. Chances are you have a leak in your main sewer line. Intact sewer lines are airtight, meaning no odors should be escaping the pipes.

    2. Backup and Blockages

    While the occasional sewage backup/blockage is harmless, a red flag for any homeowner is if sewage backs up every time the toilet is flushed. Toilets that frequently back up are a sign that something is amiss with your main sewer line and that it’s time to call the experts in.

    3. Slow Drainage

    Have your drains been taking their sweet time? Are simple unclogging methods not working? There is a high chance that there is an even bigger issue than a clogged pipe— if the main sewer line is not fully functioning, this may be the culprit as all pipes in a household are dependent on the main sewer line to drain.

    Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

    Need your sewer line replaced but worried about the overhead costs and the potential mess involved for your house’s landscaping? No need to worry as Simply Sewers has an easy workaround solution: trenchless sewer line replacement.

    Compared to conventional ways to replace sewer lines, which involve digging trenches and affect your home’s landscaping, trenchless sewer line replacement only requires a machine to break out old piping while laying down new piping in its place. Trenchless sewer line replacement is not only non-invasive but also saves you more money in the long run as you don’t have to foot high overhead costs to repair disrupted landscaping. For those in cities that allow trenchless sewer line replacement and have the proper permits, contact us today for a free estimate and find out whether or not trenchless sewer line replacement is perfect for your circumstances.

    The Sewer Line Replacement Process And What To Expect

    If you’re like most people, you’ve never replaced a sewer line or handled a water line replacement. Each line replacement process is unique to your situation specifically, but there are some general rules that most line replacement processes follow. Not only can the process vary from different water lines to sewer lines, but the costs of replacement can also range in price. Here’s what you can expect:


    An Inspection And Assessment Of Your Sewer Or Water Lines

    The first step to most sewer or water line replacements is a visual inspection of your pipes using a camera. The camera is attached to a long, thin, flexible, snake-like cable that allows the inspector to be able to maneuver the camera through the pipes. The camera will be able to reveal any blockages, clogs, or damaged areas that may be in your line, even the ones that are pretty deep. It can also detect possible pipe bursts or other causes of a dysfunctional line. Think of this part as a tool to help diagnose the problem and decide the next course of action.


    An Evaluation Of The Problem And A Survey Of The Area

    Once the plumber or contractor has identified where the problem is and what part of the sewer or water line needs to be replaced, the area must be evaluated for any possible obstructions or obstacles that will prevent workers from accessing the sewer or water line. This could include driveways, lawns, trees, sheds, patios, fences, and more. If there are any special areas that may be in jeopardy of being destroyed, discuss this with your contractor now. Arrangements will need to be made before the replacement process can begin.


    A Cost Estimate

    A contractor or repairman will offer you an estimate on the total cost of your sewer line replacement or water line replacement. The major factors that play into the total cost are how many feet of the line need replacement, how long it will take, and what material you will choose for the replacement pipeline (PVC, concrete, copper, steel, iron, etc.). If the problem area of your sewer line or water line is in an area that isn’t easily accessible and more work is required to gain access to this area (such as beneath concrete or buried in your backyard), this also adds to the cost.


    Prepare For Repair

    If your sewer line or water line runs along any areas that need extra preparation, do that preparation now. For example, if there is a large tree that is blocking access to the sewer line, an arborist will need to be hired to minimize damage to the tree. If your sewer line runs underground into your neighbor’s property, you will have to get written permission from them to access your sewer line. If you have a large fence, consider temporarily removing it to make things easier for the workers. Any brick or concrete should be evaluated beforehand. Many states have laws about excavation, especially when it comes to underground utilities. Before you start digging up your backyard, find out your local laws and get all required permissions.

    How Long Does A Sewer Line Replacement Take?

    Replacing a sewer line or water line could take days or weeks depending upon the complexity, but an estimation should have been included with the price estimate. Typically residential water line replacement is 1-2 days. Expect a lot of action and loud noise around the line area. Depending on how much concrete they have to go through, it could be quite loud. Try to be considerate of any workers and do not dump anything in the toilet or down the drain while they are working on the sewer line.

    What Will My Yard Look Like After A Waterline Replacement?

    The harder the sewer run is to access, the longer the cleanup is likely to be. If your yard is in shambles and your driveway is cracked and uprooted, it will take quite a while to get your home back to its original state. Grassy areas may resume, but it is usually not guaranteed. Most contractors will do a lot of the big cleanup for you, but it’ll be up to you to get your garden back to its lush state. Landscaping and structure repair such as fences and sheds will need to be restored by you. If you were looking for an excuse to have a backyard makeover, this could be it!

    Why Choose Simply Sewers

    Working with a full-service plumbing repair company like Simply Sewers allows homeowners to hire the experts who have the experience to work on a wide range of plumbing issues in their homes ranging from frozen pipes, replacing tubes, and handling leaks.

    Simply Sewers is familiar with the plumbing nuances affecting homeowners in the Littleton, Colorado and metropolitan Denver area and can perform plumbing repair services within 24 hours.

    The company offers competitive pricing, free estimates, and background-checked plumbing technicians who have the expertise to provide necessary plumbing services to local customers in the Denver, Colorado area.

    Customers can contact Simply Sewers online through sending an e-mail to, or calling their telephone number at (720) 434-4106. Customers can also schedule an appointment for plumbing repair, clogged drain inspection, FaceTime estimates, or sewer repair services through the company’s online scheduling page.

    Sewer Line Replacement

    What People Are Saying About Us

    Logan Schoenbaechler

    Logan Schoenbaechler

    We live in a tri-level home and we were having a sewer back-up issue in our basement shower. Called Nick first thing in the morning and he had a technician out the same day. Technician was very helpful and efficient. Would recommend them for any sewers issues you may have. Pricing is also great and I will continue to do annual clean-outs with them.

    Nick Sowter

    Ranee Tomlin

    They were responsive, prompt, courteous, professional, and went out of their way to explain and meet all our needs—and to ensure the job was done right and to our satisfaction. They also dealt with all (and there are several!) Southwest Suburban Water & Sanitation District requirements for sewer-line replacement.

    I hope this is never something you have to face; but if it happens to you, this is a good, reputable company you can trust to get you through a bad situation.

    Jamie Metcalfe

    Jamie Metcalfe

    Tyler did a great job! He was very thorough and informative. He took the time to answer all of our questions and addressed the issues we had. We were very pleased with the company and will definitely be using them again for any future needs.

    Erin Barnes

    Erin Sutton

    i didn’t use them bc i needed a service (grease trap cleaning) they don’t provide but Nicknwas SUPER nice and helpful and referred me to a couple other companies. Thanks Nick!

    Sue B

    Nick Sowter

    I hired Simply sewers for a drain cleaning on my sewer line they did a great job! Thank you

    Sue B

    Kevin Baker

    Tylor came out promptly he did everything we had him do everything we needed done he was great defiantly recommend simply sewer for quick and great service

    Why Do Our Customers Trust Us?

    Graphic showing bbb (better business bureau) logo with "accredited business a+" rating, indicating accreditation since 6/8/2016 and 9 years in business.

    BBB Rated Business

    Simply Sewers is a family owned and operated plumbing, sewer repair, drain cleaning, and sewer scoping business based in Littleton, Colorado. Our technicians are NOT paid on commission assuring you of an honest estimate. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, and if you are not happy, we are not happy. All employees go through rigorous drug testing and background screening to ensure 100% trustworthy and qualified technicians.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is sewer line replacement covered by homeowner's insurance?

      Whether your sewer line replacement is covered by insurance is dependent on your insurance policy. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the damages for pipes that crack due to lack of maintenance. However, in the situation, the cause of your sewer lines’ damage stems from poor workmanship or due to flaws in your home’s foundation, your chances for being covered are higher.

    • How much does it cost to replace a sewer line?

      The cost to replace a sewer line depends on the extent of the damage, the company you choose to hire for the replacement, and how many feet of the line needs to be replaced. Considering these factors: the average cost is about $4,000 and for jobs that require more line to replace or have a wider scope of the damage, costs may reach up to $12,000. With our company, we provide a free estimate for total costs and replacements needed. Simply request a quote here.

    • How are sewer lines replaced?

      Conventionally, sewer lines are replaced by digging a trench and directly fixing/replacing the damaged line. However, this method can be invasive and also create a mess for your house’s landscaping depending on the extent of the damage.
      At Simply Sewers, we strive to provide the most efficient and convenient services possible with our trenchless sewer line replacement option—non-invasive, cost-saving in the long run, and best of all, no mess.

    • How many years does a sewer line last?

      The lifespan of your average sewer line is dependent on its build, its materials, and the workmanship when it was installed. Typically, the average sewer line is supposed to last roughly a lifetime—about 50 to 100 years.

    • Is it my city's responsibility to replace my sewer line?

      It is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace the sewer line of their home. As the city sewer line only taps into your home’s sewage system, in the situation your home’s sewer line extends into the street, it is still your responsibility to repair it as well as repave any sections of street that must be teared up to replace/fix the sewer line. As everyone has different circumstances, be sure to check with your city’s specific ordinances before hiring a company.

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