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    Sump Pump Installation Services

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    Having a sump pump installed to protect your home from basement and crawl space water problems saves your home from flooding and water damage and gives you peace of mind. Our plumbers will recommend the best sump pump to mitigate water from your home. Additionally, if you currently have an older sump pump, we can upgrade your system to a more efficient model. If you are in the Littleton or Denver Metro area call today for a free estimate.

    Importance Of Sump Pump Installation In Residential Homes

    A sump pump is very important for keeping water damage from happening because it gets rid of water quickly from basements and crawl space areas. Installing a reliable sump pump system is important if you want to keep your property and valuables safe from floods and other problems caused by too much water.

    We are proud to help the people of Littleton, CO, and the Denver area around it by installing high-quality sump pumps. With our knowledge and dedication to making sure our customers are happy, we make sure that your sump pump system is put in a way that meets the highest quality and reliability standards.

    In the event of floods or excessive groundwater, a sump pump is an essential piece of equipment in mitigating property damage. It is often set up in a pit dug into the floor of the basement or crawlspace and designated as the sump pit. A sump pump is installed in the basement to remove water that has collected there and channel it away from the house’s foundation.

    How Do Sump Pumps Work?

    Our Services Include:

    • When it rains or water collects around the foundation, it eventually makes its way into the sump pit via the soil and the drainage system.
    • A float or pressure sensor inside the sump pump is activated when the water level in the sump pit rises.
    • When turned on, a sump pump will pump water out of the sump pit by using centrifugal or impeller force to move water up and out of the pit.
    • Water diversion occurs when water is pumped through a discharge pipe and directed away from the property, such as to a dry well, drainage area, or municipal storm drain.

    Simply Sewers provides many water, sewer, and drain services to satisfy your cleaning, maintenance, repair, and installation needs. We have been proudly serving the Littleton, CO and surrounding areas for over 10 years. You have many companies to choose from, but we want to be YOUR service provider. When you select Simply Sewers, our dedication to your satisfaction means you’ll get:


    Do I Need A Sump Pump?

    Signs That You Need A Sump Pump:

    As a conscientious property owner, you should take every precaution to prevent water damage to your home. Without proper precautions, your basement could become a flooded wasteland in the case of a heavy rainstorm or persistent rainfall. To keep unwanted water from pooling in your basement, crawl space, or other unintended parts of your home, a sump pump should be installed.

    Here are some indications that a
    sump pump might be useful for your house:

    Frequent Basement Flooding:

    If your basement is prone to flooding after even a small amount of rain, it’s a clear indicator that a sump pump is necessary. There is a substantial threat posed by persistent flooding, which means that groundwater can readily leak through foundation gaps and enter your property.

    Low-Lying Or Flat Area:

    Properties situated in low-lying or flat areas are more susceptible to floods. Homeowners or builders in flood-prone areas need to take extra measures, such as installing a sump pump with adequate capacity. A sump pump is an excellent insurance policy against water damage.

    High Precipitation Climate:

    If you reside in an area with excessive rain and snowfall, the risk of flooding increases significantly. A sump pump is especially useful in these areas because of the increased risk of water seeping into the foundation of your property.

    Aging Sump Pump:

    Like most household appliances, sump pumps have a limited lifespan. Maintaining a well-running sump pump requires regular inspection and servicing. If your current sump pump is older than six years, you should think about getting a new one to guarantee your home is well protected.

    Valuable Belongings In Basement:

    If your basement houses expensive electronics and other valuable items, protecting them from water damage becomes a priority. With a sump pump in place, you can prevent flood damage to your things and sleep soundly at night.

    Steps To Assess Your Home For A Sump Pump

    Identifying Signs of Basement or Crawl Space Water Issues

    Our professionals are trained to recognize the telltale symptoms of water problems in subterranean areas including basements and crawl spaces. We take into account factors such as the local climate, soil composition, topography, and the condition of your foundation. By conducting a thorough inspection, we can identify potential sources of water intrusion and assess the overall effectiveness of your current drainage system.

    Our professionals will look out for common signs of water problems, including:

    • water stains
    • dampness
    • mold or mildew growth
    • musty odors
    • visible cracks in walls or floors

    Additionally, we pay close attention to any evidence of previous water damage, such as efflorescence or peeling paint.

    Types Of Sump Pumps (Submersible, Pedestal, Battery Backup)

    A variety of sump pump models are available to match your requirements. Our team will assist you in selecting the best sump pump for your property, whether you need a pedestal sump pump for simple access and maintenance or a submersible sump pump for covert installation. We also provide battery backup systems to keep things running smoothly even if the power goes out. The range of sump pumps available is fantastic and helps us to choose the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Available products include:

    • Submersible sump pumps.
    • Pedestal sump pumps.
    • Battery backup.
    • Water alarm system.

    Considering Additional Features (Alarms, Backup Power, Water Level Sensors)

    Add-ons like alarms, backup power systems, and water level sensors can improve your sump pump system’s efficiency and dependability. With these safeguards in place, you can rest easy knowing that your business is always up and running.

    Clearing The Designated Area And Ensuring Proper Drainage

    Before installation, we thoroughly clear the designated area of any debris or obstructions that may hinder the sump pump installation or impede proper water drainage. We also ensure that the drainage path is unobstructed, allowing water to flow away from your property without any hindrance.

    Sump Pump Operation and Maintenance

    We equip homeowners with detailed instructions on how to maintain their sump pump system for optimal performance and longevity. By following these guidelines, homeowners can ensure the efficient operation of their sump pump and mitigate potential issues.

    How To Test If Your Sump Pump Is Working

    Check The Exit Pipe

    The water pipe outside your house that the pump connects to should be checked first. If you want to keep water from damaging your home’s foundation, you need to make sure the pipe is clean and clear.

    Clear Pump Debris

    To avoid blockage, any debris inside the sump pump must be removed. Keeping the pump clean is essential for optimal functioning, as it is typically positioned in the basement or crawlspace close to the foundation walls.

    Testing Two-Corded Sump Pumps

    Follow the sump pump’s two cables of electricity back to its source. Pull the other chord out from the outlet and plug the pump’s cord in. A humming noise indicates that the pump is operating. The float cord should be reconnected first, followed by the pump cord into the connector on the back of the float. The following procedure applies to sump pumps with a single cord.

    Testing Single-Corded Sump Pumps

    Carefully add 20 liters of water to the pump pit and wait for the float to rise. Once all of the water has been pumped out, the pump should automatically shut off. To make sure the sump pump is working properly, you should run the test again.

    Lift The Float

    Whether you can’t put water in the pump, try lifting the float to see whether the motor starts. However, you should not let the pump run for more than a few seconds at a time to prevent the motor from burning out.

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