Sewer Repairs and Replacements in Lakewood

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    Sewer problems can be a huge headache and is very unsanitary! We provide 24 hour emergency sewer repairs to residential and commercial buildings in Lakewood. As the Lakewood area ages the old clay and concrete pipes that were used during construction are beginning to fail with the help of tree roots and other factors. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairs and sewer replacements all the way to the city tap in the street.

    Picking the sewer repair service is important. Simply Sewers is a local company. We are family owned and located right here, in the Lakewood area, providing drain cleaning services for over 10 years. Simply Sewers employs only qualified technicians. All of our employees go through rigorous background checks and drug testing.

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    Emergency Sewer Repairs

    Leaking or clogged sewers can create big problems if not treated right away, not to mention they are also very unpleasant if they are backing up in your home. Ignoring a frequently backed up sewer line with quick fixes can end up costing you thousands of dollars as the problem gets worse.  Simply Sewers provides emergency sewer service that is very affordable.  We’ll never take advantage of you in your time of need.

    You might have a sewer problem if you have:

    • A gurgling toilet
    • A slow draining tub
    • Smells coming from your drains
    • Frequently clogged toilets
    • Bad smelling mud spots in your yard

    Your technician will show up quickly, 24hrs a day, ready to get started.  We understand that plumbing problems are troublesome and never convenient.  We will help you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

    Simply Sewers is not a commission based business so our estimates are always honest and no high-pressure sales. Since we are a small business we do not have the same expenses as the huge plumbing companies and our quotes are often much less than the big guys. We also believe in telling you straightforward if you don't need work, we won't create work to do just because you called us and we will always recommend the lowest cost solution first.

    Why Choose Simply Sewers?

    • Up-front, honest estimates
    • Easy to understand pricing
    • Quick, simple to schedule appointments
    • 24/7 emergency services
    • Prepared and stocked technicians and trucks

    You can trust us because:

    • We DON’T work on commission
    • We offer start to finish drain and sewer services
    • We hire only highly trained specialists
    • We always work neat and clean up after ourselves, leaving your home in good condition.

    Sewer Services in Lakewood

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    During our many inspections, we have found many aging clay pipe systems in Lakewood and the Metro Area that have problems requiring immediate attention. Because of their construction, the clay pipes degrade over time. They are subject to cracking and root damage. Roots seek out the smallest water source and force themselves into the smallest crack. Once they’re in there, they catch the smallest debris. This is how blockages develop and can go unnoticed for several years.

    man inspecting a pipe mounted on the wall with sewer cameraFortunately, there is a way to prevent extremely costly repairs! A Simply Sewers Camera Inspection can identify potential problems before they become a major issue. Camera inspections are crucial to determine the condition of your sewer lines, find clogs and blockages, and see problems.

    We insert our “sewer cam” into your drain. The camera feed is connected to an above ground monitor so you can see what we see. You’ll get a live video of what is going on within your sewer lines. If a problem exists, our technicians work with you to find the best solution. We’ll go over the findings and provide you with a DVD of the inspection. Only with a Sewer Camera Inspection, can you truly know the location of the problem and what it will take to repair it.

    Simply Sewers specialists will take the time to identify and explain exactly what is occurring in your system. Catching these types of issues early can potentially save you on costly replacements or repairs. We have caught problems early enough resolve them with an enzyme cleaner and drain cleaning schedule to save the homeowner thousands to dollars.

    Our techs don’t work on commission, unlike our competitors, letting you trust that they are being straightforward about your needs. We offer the peace of mind our customers want by actually showing them what’s going on. It makes it easier to understand the diagnosis. Call Simply Sewers today to schedule your sewer camera inspection and troubleshoot our drain and sewer issues.

    Outdoor Drain Cleaning

    Sewer Cleanout

    A properly functioning sewer system effectively and safely carries sewage away from your home. Waste moves through the system in your home to a main pipe. Debris, objects, and roots reduce the size of the pipe and can close the path completely.

    You’ll notice slow draining from sinks and bathtubs. As the blockage grows, flow ceases all together. That is when it starts to back up into tubs and sinks. A backup is unsanitary and disgusting and fills your home with noxious odors. If the backup is severe, it can cause major damage to your home; spilling onto flooring, carpets, and belongings.

    Don’t wait for this worst-case scenario. Schedule your annual sewer line cleanout to keep your pipes clear and free of objects, roots, and debris. Sewer cleanouts also help keep older systems in working order. Giving you the confidence that sewage is carried far away from your family and home.


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