Septic Tank Repairs

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    Septic Tank Repairs in Littleton and Surrounding Areas
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    Common Septic Tank Repairs

    Septic tanks do some of the hardest and dirtiest work in your home, but the tanks are relatively simple when compared to the other equipment in your home. Some of the most common repairs that are needed on a septic tank are

    • Septic tank pumping to remove sludge and scum
    • Broken pipes
    • Blocked inflow and outflow

    Even if you have an unusual problem with your septic tank, Simply Sewers has the experience and expertise to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repair quickly!

    Hiring A Septic Tank Repair Professional

    When your septic tank stops working right, you have sewage spilling out into your yard and backing up into your home. Septic tanks are not especially complex pieces of equipment, but you need the job done right! When you need a septic tank company, some basic criteria to look for are

    • Specializing in septic systems

    • Providing upfront estimates

    • Offering reliable and fast response, including emergency repairs

    • Extensive experience in sewer systems

    • Technician training

    • Protecting and respecting your home and property

    • Having a stock of parts to expedite repairs

    At Simply Sewers, we have 15 years of experience with installing, repairing and maintaining sewer systems for the homeowners of Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado. Because we only perform services on drains and sewer systems, you know that your sewer system is in the best possible hands.

    Understanding Your Septic Tank

    Sewage management is probably not the most pleasant part of homeownership, but understanding your septic system helps you keep your home clean, safe and comfortable. Once the waste and sewage leave your home, it is fed into a septic tank. The septic tank of your home is sized to match the estimated outflow of waste and sewage, most likely based upon the number of drains and toilets.

    Once the waste flows into the tank, nature takes over to kill the bacteria and organic material. Sludge forms at the bottom of the tank as heavy solids are processed by bacteria, and scum forms at the top of the tank, usually made from grease and other light substances. The water in the tank slowly drains from the tank into the surrounding soil and gravel where other organisms completely remove any remaining unhealthy bacteria and nutrients. All that is left is purified water that soaks into the soil.

    The Benefits of Septic Tank Repair

    A septic tank that is filled with sludge and scum poses a serious health threat to you and your family, as well as the surrounding environment. We recommend an annual septic tank maintenance service for homeowners. We inspect the tank to leaks and other problems. The service also includes removing the sludge and scum from your tank to minimize internal build-up.

    If your septic tank does need to be repaired, our technician advises you as to the extent and cost. Septic tank repairs are recommended when the components of your septic tank are worn and damaged, but the tank itself does not need replacement. In many instances, septic tank repair can save you from replacing the entire tank.

    Why Choose Simply Sewers

    Working with a full-service plumbing repair company like Simply Sewers allows homeowners to hire the experts who have the experience to work on a wide range of plumbing issues in their homes ranging from frozen pipes, replacing tubes, and handling leaks.

    Simply Sewers is familiar with the plumbing nuances affecting homeowners in the Littleton, Colorado and metropolitan Denver area and can perform plumbing repair services within 24 hours.

    The company offers competitive pricing, free estimates, and background-checked plumbing technicians who have the expertise to provide necessary plumbing services to local customers in the Denver, Colorado area.

    Customers can contact Simply Sewers online through sending an e-mail to, or calling their telephone number at (720) 434-4106. Customers can also schedule an appointment for plumbing repair, clogged drain inspection, FaceTime estimates, or sewer repair services through the company’s online scheduling page.

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