Your Dripping Hose Faucet Is Costing You Money!

That drip in your backyard is doing more than watering the grass beneath your hose faucet.  It is also costing you money!  The most obvious expense that comes from a leaking hose faucet is the overwhelming water bill that you get at the end of the month.  But you risk much higher costs unless you have that outdoor faucet repaired.

Leaking Outdoor Water Spigot

It is obvious that your outdoor hose faucet is leaking, but the leak may not begin at the point where you see water collecting.  Hose faucet leaks can start at the base of the faucet and on the handle.  If the leak begins at the base of the faucet, the water is not only flowing down to the tip, but also going toward your house along the walls and foundation.  The moisture seeps into the walls, reaches the insulation and makes a nice little place for mold to grow.  The water can permeate your concrete foundation and cause all sorts of damage, including giving your basement a lovely, musty odor.

Leaking hose faucets also freeze even if you disconnect your hose for the winter, water is still running to the spigot. As temperatures drop, the water inside the faucet freezes.  The freezing slowly extends into the pipes going into your home, and, before you know it, you have burst pipes inside of your basement, crawlspace, or walls.

Check your hose faucets for leaks at least once a week, especially during the summer while you are watering your flowers, washing your car, or letting the kids cool off in the sprinkler.  If you notice a leak, contact a professional plumber to have the spigot repaired.  Having your leaky hose faucet repaired at the first sign of a leak is a very affordable repair and saves you big money in the future.  A professional plumber examines your leaking hose faucet to find the source of the leak.  Once the spigot is repaired, the plumber also looks for potential and existing damage to your home, as well as the pipes that lead to the faucet.  Stop wasting money on your water bill and stop damage to your house, call to have your leaking outdoor hose faucet fixed today!

By Nick Wert

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