3 Sewer Line Replacements Scams to Watch out for

Worst plumbing problem you can have

Of all the plumbing problems you can have in your home, one of the worst is a backed-up or damaged sewer line. Sewer problems can mean things like overflowing toilets, water pooling around a floor drain and a really bad smell coming from one or more of your drains often resulting in unsanitary conditions. Sewer line problems obviously call for professional service, but you need to be careful when you start looking for a good plumber. There are less-than-reputable “contractors” everywhere, and you could fall victim to a sewer repair scam if you find yourself doing business with them. Here’s a rundown on three sewer repair scams you need to watch out for.

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Here are the Line Replacements Scams that you should be aware of

Unnecessary Sewer Line Replacement

There will be times when a sewer line will have to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, and sewer lines will become damaged beyond repair over time. Unfortunately, many scammers will insist on a sewer line replacement when a simpler and cheaper solution is available.

The first step to solving any problem is to find out what is causing it, and fixing a sewer line is no exception. A good plumber will use a sewer camera to take a look into your sewer line before deciding to replace it altogether. In many cases, there is a clog that just needs to be removed. A clog is a headache to be sure, but it’s easy for a plumbing professional to fix.

When you hire a plumber to take a look at your sewer line, make sure they will use a sewer camera to assess the situation. Ask to see the footage from the camera, and don’t agree to a sewer line replacement until they show it to you. For added measure ask them to film the area around the sewer line so that you can be sure they are showing you a video of your sewer and not a fake or old video. A reputable plumber will be up front about what they are doing and share that information with you.


A sewer line replacement is a costly operation, but some scammers will still try to overcharge you for the job. It’s not uncommon for these “professionals” to charge $10,000 or more for a job that a more reputable plumber that could be done for thousands lessTypically the cost of a sewer line replacement for a 3 bedroom home ranges from $4000-$7000 depending upon the scope of the project. 

The cost of a sewer repair depends on many factors such as the scope of the repair and how long the job will last. It is very possible that you will have to pay good money to get everything flowing through your sewer line properly, but you need to make absolutely sure this is the case. Don’t be afraid to turn down a bad plumber if you don’t like what they have to offer. Shop around and find out if there is someone who is willing to do the job for a more reasonable price.

Finding Other Problems That Need to be Fixed

We’ve all heard stories about people who take their cars in for simple repairs only to find that the mechanic has found other issues that need to be addressed right now. They make their customers believe a minor issue or even a non-issue needs to be fixed lest their cars all but fall apart on the freeway. Sadly, the same thing happens with sewer repair. People hire someone to fix what they think is a minor clog only to find that they have to pay thousands of dollars for things that really didn’t need to be fixed.

This scam is right up there with overcharging for work, and it has a similar solution. If you aren’t comfortable with an estimate that a sewer repair professional is giving you, find someone else to take a look at your sewer line and get a second opinion. You should also never allow any work to be done unless you agree to it.

Sewer line problems are never fun. They can cause a lot of problems in your home, and fixing them can cost thousands of dollars. If you must have someone take a look at your sewer line, make sure you aren’t being taken in by a scam. Follow your gut, and don’t be afraid to turn anybody away no matter how dire your situation may be.

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