Secrets of a Sewer Camera – NEVER Flush These Things

The secrets of your daily life lay in the deepest darkest part of your home, the sewer lines.

Plumbers get front row seats to everything you flush down the toilet. People think that when they flush things down the toilet they will end up in giant sewer lines under the city never to be seen again.  Think again, it has to get past your home plumbing system first and most of the time anything but natural waste will get stuck in the sewer lines.  One look down a drain with a sewer camera will prove that people do some questionable things with their plumbing.  A person’s plumbing tells all of their secrets.  Here are some of the things that have been pulled out during sewer line replacements.

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The more common items to go down the drain are dead goldfish, disposable diapers, Kleenex, paper towels, tampons, pills, and used prophylactics.  It is almost a guarantee that these will clog a sewer line after time.  Of course, those aren’t the strangest things that plumbers and other sanitation workers have found in people’s drains or deeper in city sewer systems. Legos, old cell phones, toy cars, plastic forks, metal forks, towels, bed sheets and even expensive Rolex watches often wind up in the sewer. It’s bad enough to have to call a plumber to deal with a blocked drain; it’s much worse to have to explain why the culprit of your clogged pipes is a once-valuable watch held in a web of shredded cloth from some rags you flushed down the toilet weeks ago. Wedding rings are also one of the more popular items to be found snagging up sewer lines.  Sewers are an emotional dumping ground!  To make matters worse, all of this will be visible with the help of a sewer camera, so make sure that you’re careful about what goes down your drains. You might think it’s a great way to get rid of your garbage, but it could all literally come back to you. Make sure that you don’t have an embarrassing story to go along with your newly cleaned pipes when you need to call a plumber. What you think has been flushed away will instead give you away eventually.  Remember the sewer cannot keep a secret.  Sooner or later you will have to explain yourself!

Apparently, people use their toilets as all-purpose garbage disposals to get rid of everything they don’t need. Any good plumber will tell you that the only things that should be flushed down a toilet are human waste, grey water and toilet paper (as long as it’s not fancy, super-absorbent four-ply toilet paper, anyway).  This includes the “flushable” wipes that stores carry now.  They should NOT be flushed if you want to keep your sewers free of costly repairs.  The bottom line is what you flush will come back to haunt you.  Find another way to get rid of your wedding ring the next time you have an argument.

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