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    Get quality drain cleaning by professional drain and sewer contractors who know how to unclog a drain without damaging your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Our technicians will give you an honest diagnosis of your drain issue because they are not paid on commission.

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    Why Choose Simply Sewers to handle your clogged or slow drains?

    • Fast service
    • Highly competitive pricing for drain cleaning service
    • Honest diagnosis because we do not work on commission, we want what is best for you.
    • Over 15 years of experience and we know the tricks to get through the most difficult drains
    • We will always try to clean out your drains first instead of recommending expensive un-needed services
    • Up to date modern root machines and snakes that can handle the toughest jobs

    Clogged or slow drains are not only an inconvenience but also can cause health problems in your home. Simply Sewers will fix your clogged drain fast so that you can get on with your life.

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    Sue B.


    I cannot say enough about Nick and his crew at Simply Sewers. I was told that it would cost me $12,000 to fix my sewer line but a very large sewer company here in town. Yes, you read that right. I am retired and on a tight budget. Nick came in and gave me an estimate that included tearing up the pavement in the street and repaving for 1/2 of what the large company charged me!!! I am SO mad about the other company. I will never use anyone else. They were here in a day and did a beautiful job with full permits too!


    Service That You Can Trust

    For the stubborn clogged drains we also have Sewer Video Cameras available which will speed up the drain cleaning process and removes guess work. You can literally see what is going on inside your pipes. In many older neighborhoods, the sewer pipes are made of clay and are beginning to deteriorate due to age. We offer a yearly maintenance plan to keep your drains running properly all year long. This will save on the amount of times you need drain cleaning and ultimately will prevent costly sewer damage.

    Here are some common signs that you have stuck or clogged drains:

    1- Slow drainage

    Have you noticed your drains take longer than usual to empty? This is a sign that waste is building up inside your pipes and needs to be removed. This can be sinks or bathtubs and should be looked at right away. In most cases, a simple drain cleaning will take care of this issue.

    2- Water backing up

    If you notice water backing up in a sink or another drain this is a sign that it is time for a cleaning.

    3- Smell of sewage

    Everyone likes a fresh smelling home and this can be a real problem. That smell is food and waste stuck in your lines. It's not going to go away but the good news is a simple drain cleaning will usually do the trick here as well.

    Our clients tell us all the time of unscrupulous drain cleaning companies who tried to sell them unnecessary sewer repairs. Call Simply Sewers for your drain cleaning service and we guarantee an honest assessment of your drain problems. We are your affordable drain cleaning and sewer line replacement service for the Front Range.


    There are several things that could be causing blockage in your lines:

    - Grease from cooking

    This will normally cause a clog about 25 feet into your sewage line which is where the hot water coming down the drain cools off. The grease then begins to harden over time and next thing you know you have a blockage. A simple drain cleaning will take care of this in most cases.

    - Items being flushed down the toilet

    This is the most common reason for blocked sewer lines that we see. This can be sanitary items, diapers, toys, you name it our drain cleaning experts have seen it all.

    - Tree roots

    Tree roots will often get inside the pipes and create a root ball that will clog your lines. There are chemicals you can buy but these run a risk of killing the plant.

    - Old pipes

    Old piping will rust and break and there isn’t much that can be done about it. In this situation, you are looking at getting your pipes replaced as there are no repairs that can be made in most cases and a simple drain cleaning will not solve the problem.


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