How Do Tree Roots Damage Sewer Lines in Colorado?

Tree roots can wreck havoc on sewer systems here in Colorado. Whether you are in Denver or Evergreen, you probably have trees somewhere near your sewer line. When your sewer system stops working, the dirty water and waste backs up and could end up in your sinks, bathtub and other undesirable places in your house. The question is how do they damage solid sewer pipes and clog them?

graphic of trees and damaged roots near sewer line

When warm water flows through your sewer lines, vapor is released into the surrounding soil.  Those beautiful trees that provide shade to your family are always looking for water, especially during drought conditions.  The moisture in the soil from your sewer system tells the roots that a water source is nearby.  The roots penetrate your sewer lines through cracks and loose joints and find an abundance of water.  As the tree thrives above ground, your sewer lines are slowly being clogged.  The tiny roots gather everything that is in the water, including food that you put down the garbage disposal, grease, tissue paper and other rather unpleasant items.  Eventually, the tree roots grow large enough to crack your sewer lines.  You are now facing an extensive sewer pipe replacement.

Unfortunately, if you live in an established neighborhood or home it is inevitable that roots will find their way into your sewer pipes.  Luckily you can avoid costly sewer repair or sewer replacements with periodic maintenance and sewer inspections.  Rates for a sewer rooter service are competitive now and often beginning around $100. Professional cleaning of your sewer lines gives you peace of mind knowing that your sewer system is free of tree roots and other debris.  In the event that your local plumber finds a sewer problem that needs to be excavated and repaired make sure that you have seen the video from the camera locate and make sure that your plumber is licensed to do such repairs.  The best way to protect your home and your wallet is to have your lines regularly cleaned and inspected before a major problem occurs.

By Nick Wert

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