What is a Sewer Cleanout?

A properly working sewer system efficiently and safely carries sewage away from your home.  The waste flows through a series of pipes inside your home to a primary pipe.  Roots, debris and other objects will reduce the size of the pipe and even close the flow path completely.  You may notice that water drains slowly from sinks and bathtub.  As the blockage worsens, waste and sewage no longer flow to the main line, but ends up in your sinks, bathtubs and toilets.  A sewage backup is disgusting and unsanitary, filling your entire home with an obnoxious odor.  In the worst possible scenario, the sewage spills out onto your carpet, flooring and belongings.

Why wait for your sewer line to back up into your home?  An annual sewer cleanout keeps your sewer pipes clear of debris, roots and objects.  Cleaning out your sewer lines also keeps older systems in tip top shape.  You feel confident that your sewage is being carried far away from your home and family.

How Sewer Cleanouts Save You MoneySimply Sewers does a Denver Sewer Camera Inspection

  • Protects sewer systems from damage caused by excessive pressure inside the pipes
  • Reduces the risk of backed up pipes and toilets that can cause damage to the home
  • Prolongs the lifetime of your sewer system
  • Drains and toilets empty properly
  • Reduces the likelihood of sewage odors in your home
  • Protects your furnishings and family from harmful sewage

How often Does My Sewer Need to Be Cleaned Out?

We recommend that you perform annual maintenance on your sewage system, including a professional sewer cleanout.  The service keeps the pipes free of any barriers, leaks and other problems that may cause costly problems later.

If your sewer has not been professionally cleaned, you may noticed some signs that your sewer needs professional cleaning.

How do I know if I need a Sewer Cleanout?

Sewer problems do not always do what you expect.  Most homeowners believe that is the bathtub backs up, the problem is in the bathtub drain.  With sewer back-ups, though, that is not always the case.  You may notice that when you flush your toilet, you hear water moving up your bathtub drain.  You may also notice that every time you wash your clothes, your toilet overflows, or using the sink makes the water in the toilet bowl rise and fall.  These types of subtle, and sometimes not so subtle signs, are your sewer system telling you that there’s a problem.

More Than One Drain Backs Up

All of the drains and toilets in your home feed into a single sewer pipe.  If more than one toilet or drain is having problems, chances are that you have a blocked sewer pipe.  Most homeowners call a plumber, but only a trained sewer professional can find and repair the real problem.

Leaks at the Sewer Cleanout

Your sewer pipes are buried underground, and every home has a special capped pipe that gives you access to the main sewer pipe.  Why would you want to ever mess with the sewer cleanout?  Because if you remove the cap and see water moving up and down the cleanout pipe, you have a blockage in the sewer line.  You can take a quick peek, replace the cap and then call a Simply Sewers professional to take care of the messiest part of the job!

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