Quick, Reliable Service for Sewer Line Problems in Littleton, CO

Broken water or sewer line problems are stressful for homeowners. Simply Sewers strives to make your experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our pricing doesn’t change just because you’re in crisis. We guaranty consistent affordable prices whether you are building a new home, updating and existing home, or in need of emergency service.

Before recommending a huge repair, Simply Sewers will try to clean out your lines. If we find a problem, we will use the sewer camera to show you what options you have.


Sewer Line Replacements and Repair

Broken sewer lineBroken/Collapsed/Cracked Pipes: Shifting soil can cause damage to pipes when it freezes or settles.
Clogged Sewer LineBlockage: When flow is restricted by a buildup of grease or a foreign object.
Sewer Leak RepairLeaking Joints: Broken seals between pipes allow water to seep into the surrounding area.

Whether your problem is big or small, let Simply Sewer be the one you call. Often we beat the price of the large sewer line replacement companies by 100s of dollars and sometimes thousands. We pull any permits needed by the city to repair your sewer line and don’t over sell a job to make the project bigger.

Why Chose Us For Sewer Repairs?Sewer Repair in Littleton

Simply Sewers provides many water, sewer, and drain services to satisfy your cleaning, maintenance, repair, and installation needs. We have been proudly serving the Littleton, CO and surrounding areas for over 10 years. You have many companies to choose from, but we
want to be YOUR service provider. When you select Simply Sewers our dedication to your satisfaction means you’ll get:

  • Experienced and Highly-Trained Technicians
  • Free Estimates
  • No Emergency Service Up-Charge or Fees
  • Honest Quotes
  • Extended Business Hours
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • High Quality, Long Lasting Repairs
  • Proper and Approved Permits (if required)
  • All Work Performed to Meet Local Codes

Main Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair & Replacement Service Options:

Our staff, technicians, and inspectors are trained to be focused of the types of construction and home design of sewer and water systems in your area. Each experienced and highly-trained technician will perform a complete diagnostic of your sewer problem. Then your technician will discuss your options with you to find the best solution. Call us today and we can start getting you back to normal today!

We will solve your sewer and sewer line problems! We will arrive onsite with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and fully trained personnel to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Types of Repair:

  • Trenching or “Open-Cut” – a trench is cut to access the damaged section of pipe and the surrounding area. In some cases, heavy equipment such as a backhoe may be necessary.
  • Burst Pipe – small holes at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe. Using a hydraulic machine and your system as a guide, we pull a new pipe through the “old one”. New pipes are more resistant to root intrusion and leaking and last longer.
  • Relining Pipe – we can repair damaged sewer pipes and restore functionality by lining the inner wall of existing pipes with epoxy. This molds to the inner surface to create a uniform “new” inner wall. It’s durable and seamless and not hazardous.This method can often be done through your existing clean-out access and not require much digging. Relining pipe can be used to:

Seal cracks and holes – Repair root damage – Seal joint connections – Fill-in missing pipe

We are a full service drain cleaning, sewer and water line repair, and septic tank repair service.

Our Services Include:

  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Sewer Line Replacement
  • Sewer Cleanout
  • Home Buyer System Inspection
  • Drain Cleaning –
  • Water Line Repair
  • Water Line Replacement
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Scope & Inspection
  • Septic System Inspection & Installation
  • Tree Roots: Roots from trees or shrubs in your lines damage it and can prevent routine cleaning.
  • Deterioration/Corrosion: Off grade existing pipes may not be up to code or constructed of a low-grade material.

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