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    Average response time – 2 hours We are there night and day for you.

    Looking for fast and reliable 24hr drain cleaning service? You can count on Simply Sewers! We’ll get the job done quickly on your time. Whether you’re in Littleton, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch or anywhere else in the Denver Metro area, our average response time is 2 hours.
    Simply Sewers has specialists on call to resolve all your backups, clogs, and other drain issues. We are locally owned and operated so, we can be there for you day or night!

    Upfront pricing and making sure you understand the work that needs to be done allows you to make an informed decision. We’ll diagnose your problem and take the time to answer all your questions, before we start working, so you can make an informed decision.

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    Sink Drains

    Simply Sewers offers expert sewer and drain cleaning service at reasonable prices. Our staff is available to help 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Whether you just need a drain cleaned out or a whole home system check, our team of qualified and skilled plumbers is ready to get to work. Our drain cleaning starts at just $79! Call Simply Sewers today.

    Types of Drains and Typical Problems:

    Your Kitchen

    Our kitchen drains take a beating over time.  First, you notice that the kitchen sink starts to drain slowly. Then…. Nothing.  It’s clogged completely. With everything that we put in them (like fats, soaps, grease, and detergents), build up is inevitable.  Proper maintenance is your first step.  But, when you need professional service, Simply Sewer is there to cut through the build-up and remove the clog.

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    white bathtub with white towel hanging on it

    Your Bathroom

    None of us want to talk about what goes down the drain in the bathroom, but when your tub, sink, shower, or toilet backs up you need fast, helpful service. Simply Sewers will clear your drains of soap, hair, and whatever else (stuffed bears) makes it into your bathroom drain. Simply Sewers responds quickly, has the know-how and equipment, and the training to solve any and all your tub, sink, shower, and toilet clog problems.

    Your Floor Drains

    Floor drains are found in utility rooms, garages, basements, patios, and driveways. Floor drains come equipped with a trap that prevents odors and gas from leaking. When a floor drain gets clogged it’s from dirt and/or debris piling up. Simply Sewers will clean them out and restore drainage.

    Clogged utility room drain
    outdoor drain

    Your Outdoor Drains

    When you see water pooling around your house, it may be a sign of blocked gutters or downspouts. This system is designed to move water AWAY from your home and eventually connect to your city’s storm sewer system. When these connections clog with dirt, leaves, twigs and sticks, and other debris. Our expert technicians clear the lines, restore drainage and prevent outside water from coming inside.

    Call us today to ask for our $79 drain cleaning special!

    We will dispatch a tech to provide you with a simple and truthful diagnosis of the problem. Not only will we unclog your drain, our trained technicians will give you tips & tricks and suggest maintenance products to keep your drains free-flowing.


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    I called simply sewer because my main drain was backing up! They got to my house quick! Nick was very polite and was able to fix my problem and clean my drain in a matter of minutes! I would recommend calling them for any sewer problems you have! Very great company and wonderful employees!! Thank you!

    Clean and Unclog Drains with Hydro-jetting

    When you have a clogged drain, there are a couple of good options to get things moving again.  The most common option is a Plumbing Snake or Drain Snake. Secondly, we have Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning.  Both are effective methods for unclogging drains, but you need to make sure that the company you choose uses the best option for your home and construction of your pipes/system.  Simply Sewers uses drain camera inspections to:

    • Identify the type of blockage
    • Determine the best drain cleaning technology for your home
    • Ensure the clog has been cleared
    • Provide you with detailed information on the process so you know what you’re paying for.
    A clogged kitchen sink with a plunger trying to fix it.
    a man repairing blocked kitchen sink

    We are all familiar with the first option, the plumbing snake (AKA Plumbing Auger).  Sometimes they are manual and sometimes they are powered.  Basically, it is a long metal “snake” with a corkscrew on the end.  You run the snake down to the clog and it either breaks it up or pulls it out.

    The second and more powerful option is Hydro Jet drain cleaning.  Hydrojetting is a more sophisticated method used by professional plumbers.  About the size of a power washer, Hydro Jet makes quick work of drain cleaning and clearing sewer lines of clogs of all types.  Hydro Jet technology is very effective and environmentally friendly because there are no harsh chemicals used.

    Plumber uses wrench to fix pipes under a kitchen sink.

    Why choose us?

    Simply Sewers is a drain cleaning company with 15 years of experience.  We’re local, family-owned business. We provide drain cleaning and emergency plumbing service throughout the Denver Metro area.

    Whether you have a clogged sink, shower drain, tub drain, bathroom sink, or a backed-up pipe; Simply Sewers can get your plumbing system flowing again.  When you contact us, our average response time is less than 2hrs.  Our techs show up on time and ready to resolve your issue.

    To ensure your safety and satisfaction, Simply Sewers employs only the most qualified technicians.  Each employee is subject to strict training, drug testing, and background checks.  Our expert techs are trained at precisely diagnosing drain problems and applying the proper techniques for effective results at the best prices in your area.

    Call us today for a quick response and upfront competitive pricing. Simply Sewers has over 15 years working with our customers in Denver and the surrounding areas.  Our expert plumbers provide friendly, affordable, consistent, courteous, and effective residential plumbing services.  We make sure you are getting the peace of mind every homeowner should have when hiring a contractor.

    Our clients tell us all the time of unscrupulous drain cleaners who tried to sell them unnecessary repairs. We are your affordable drain cleaning and sewer line replacement service for the Front Range. Call us today!

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